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Electromechanical Construction

The electromechanical construction has been one of the most specialized areas of the building field over the years; hence, our policy is to comply with the regulations established by law while working to develop high quality standards and conducting projects in a quick and effective way that stands out into the field.


- Channeling and Wiring for Outlets systems

- Electrical Substations

- Electrical Distribution Panel Boards

- Motor Control Centers

- Dry Transformers

- Power Way Plug inns

- Backup systems, UPS, Switches and Generators.

- Lightning Arrester Systems

- Ground Mesh Systems

- Lighting Systems

- Automated Lighting Controls

- Power Systems

- High Voltage Disconnectors

- Pad Mounted Transformers

- Medium and Low Voltage Systems

- Supply of equipment and accessories

- Associated Civil Works


- Drinking Water Systems

- Sewage Systems

- Storm Water Systems

- Compressed Air Systems

- LPG Systems

- Hot Water Systems

- Medical Gases Systems

Includes supply and installation of fixtures and equipment such as pumps, hot water tanks, etc.


- Treated water Systems

- Steam Piping Systems

- Compressed Air Systems

- Ice and cold water Systems

- Processed Water Systems

- Fuel pipeline Systems

Supply and installation of equipment and fittings, pumps, pipes, etc.


- Structured Cabling Systems

- Voice and Data Systems

- Wireless Wi-fi Networks Systems

- Closed Circuit Television Systems

- Control Access Systems

- Television Systems

- Fire Detection Systems

- Automation Systems

- Sound Systems

- Control and Monitoring Systems


- Industrial piping systems

- Storage Tanks

- Boilers

- Compressors

- Pumping Systems

- Chillers and Cooling towers

- Fans

- Agitators

- Pipelines for Fire Protection Systems

- Metallic Structures


- Pump Systems installation

- Cabinets, Sprinklers, Hydrants, Siamese, Extinguishers

- Storage Tanks

- Underground and aerial pipeline Systems

- Black Iron and CPVC pipes